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About Girl Got Grants
Girl Got Grants is a feminist fundraising collective specializing in grant writing and research solutions for small to medium-sized progressive organizations. Founded in July of 2012 by Emily Usher Shrair, a feminist and grant writer in the field of Gender and Development, Girl Got Grants is composed of a diverse group of feminist-minded development professionals, each with different areas of expertise, years of experience, and service fees. 

Our mission is to re-imagine and re-shape the often imbalanced relationship between grant making entities and non-profit organizations, by helping organizations connect with and obtain funding from investors that share their mission and values. 

We do this by: 

  • developing compelling grant proposals that use gender-sensitive, non-violent, empowering language to tell the story of your organization
  • helping your company develop a fundraising strategy aligned with your values, and 
  • connecting you to our network of like-minded grant makers.

Whether you are a grassroots organization that is looking for it's first grant, or an established company looking to survive in a shaky economy without compromising your values, Girl Got Grants has a professional with the experience you need, for a price you can afford.

The Girl: 

A graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a background in International Relations and Gender Studies, Emily Usher Shrair received her first grant ($10,000 from the Davis Projects for Peace Foundation for her own grassroots project in Argentina) shortly before receiving her degree in 2008. Since then, she has worked as a fundraiser for progressive women's organizations throughout the United States and Latin America. 

Why Feminist Grant Writing? 

These days, it seems that all foundations care about are numbers. The more people you serve the better, regardless of how meaningful that change is, or how long it lasts. For those of us making change happen on the ground, competing for limited funds is a challenge made harder by the fact that funders don't seem to understand the essence of our work. It can often feel like the only way to get funding is by pandering or telling stories that present our participants as victims, which goes against the very nature of what we are trying to accomplish.  

Our Team

Girl Got Grants' writers excel at securing stakeholder investment for mission driven organizations through persuasive, compelling prose. With backgrounds in feminist methodology, gender studies, social justice, and peace and conflict studies, we bring gender-sensitivitynon-violence and a feminist lens to our writing, producing winning grant proposals that attract funders without portraying local communities in a patronizing and dis-empowering way. We have worked throughout the United States and developing world, and have a proven track record of consistently procuring large grants for feminist-minded organizations. 

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